Reflection: Gradual Release Let's Get Ready To Rumble-Analyzing Conflict - Section 2: Guided/Independent


This was a fantastic review of the concept.  The students were able to work independently and complete the sort using their notes. 

I actually only had a few students who needed my assistance.  I encouraged them to use their notes to persevere through the harder examples.  I had to help or prompt very few students with the activity.  It demonstrated to me that the students were comprehending the concept and could apply it to the text. 

The students really enjoy using the interactive foldables.  It engages them into the activity and creates another pathway into their brains! 

In the future, I would provide more examples for the students to work with in the sort.  I was expecting it to take about 10-15 minutes longer than it did.  I was very pleased with the success, but will include a few more examples in the future. 

  Guided/Independent Practice Reflection
  Gradual Release: Guided/Independent Practice Reflection
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Let's Get Ready To Rumble-Analyzing Conflict

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Recipe for Fiction
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to identify and analyze text excerpts to define types of conflict.

Big Idea: Students go 3-D with their notes to sort and analyze a text for conflict.

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