Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Segregation is Everywhere: Finding Ways To Stand Up For Your Character - Section 2: Warm-Up: Quick Write


I knew that starting this lesson with this simple prompt would yield a spectrum of few to many responses from my students. I teach a culture of kids who normally get things that they want. Because we don't live in times where historical segregation or racism is outwardly dominate in certain areas of the world (especially in our school and community), students have a hard time responding to questions that ask them to think about being wronged or living without something.

I was pleased to hear from our classroom "share-out" that many students had similar responses to the prompt. For students who gave short, one-word answers, hearing another student read their longer response modeled how personal emotions can impact one's feelings about a topic even when you do live in a time where you get all you want. I NEVER punish students for their lack of writing in a bellwork activity. However, I do encourage participation from students in the other lesson activities when trying to understand the big ideas learned in today's lesson.

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Writing Prompt Reflection
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Segregation is Everywhere: Finding Ways To Stand Up For Your Character

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use textual evidences to understand the action, incidents, and personality traits of Nancy Lee in Langston Hughes' "One Friday Morning"

Big Idea: Justice for One isn't for ALL!

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