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Stations can be incredibly beneficial for students to see a particular concept in different forms, but there must be clear expectations for what students should be doing at each stations to ensure they learn whatever the objective is. I have seen stations used in classrooms where the students are just chatting and playing, and in those cases, students probably aren't going to learn what you are intending for them to learn. 

We use math materials very often so I knew that students would be able to use them without playing, and we also re-modeled before we started stations what it should "look like" and "sound like" if I was doing my work and striving for excellence.

Students were then able to see fractions represented in different forms and understand how a whole, or whole set, can look different and still represent a whole. I think using stations can be very beneficial when balanced with partner work, independent work and group work. 

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What's in the Set?

Unit 1: Crazy About Fractions
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT apply their understanding of fractions to various sets of objects.

Big Idea: A fraction is made of parts of a whole, or set, and are found all around me.

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