Reflection: Student Ownership Literary Discussion Roles: Literary Luminary - Section 3: Did They Get It?


As we go through these days of preparation for a literature circle discussion, what my students find out very quickly is that if they have not done the work to prepare, they won't have anything to talk about in their circles.

This idea feeds into my belief that we can't make students do their work.  However, we can provide situations in which they feel the pressure from their peers if they haven't completed a task. I use peer pressure for good, not evil! 

Now, this does take some planning ahead.  If you have all of your "do nothings" in a group together they will continue to do nothing.  However, if you have a good mix of work ethics, what you'll find is that the "grade grubbers" will inspire (read: force) the lazy ones to work and participate.

Since the heat is being put on by peers, the students who tend to sit back and let school happen to them will be compelled to get something done, even if it's only to save face.

  It's In Their Hands
  Student Ownership: It's In Their Hands
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Literary Discussion Roles: Literary Luminary

Unit 8: Using Tom Sawyer for an Introduction to Literary Discussions
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT cite textual evidence to support analysis in preparation for a collegial discussion of the text.

Big Idea: What makes a passage worth discussing?

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English / Language Arts, literature circles, discussions
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