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Real world types of problems are an amazing way to get students interested in mastering content.  If students can see the problem as something relevant to their lives, they build motivation to learn the information needed to solve the problem.  When I look back on prior classes I remember asking myself, when am I ever going to need to use this information?  I also remember not seeing value in those classes and not really caring about learning the material.  I think if teachers would have taken the time to explain the relevance of what they were teaching me, I would have had the motivation to pay attention more and learn. 

  Keeping it Real!
  Real World Applications: Keeping it Real!
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1/10 Of...

Unit 1: Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
Lesson 3 of 22

Objective: Students will use their knowledge of place value to recognize that neighboring digits to the right are 1/10 the value.

Big Idea: Don't call me smaller.... I'm 1/10 of you!

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Math, division, decimal operations, multiplication
  45 minutes
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