Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Introduction to World War II: Using Digital Mediums to Compare Understandings About War - Section 4: Independent Practice: Reading, Reading, & Reading a Poem


The studying of World War II was done by my students when they were in the seventh grade. Because of this prior interaction with the topic, I wanted students to utilize their prior knowledge to focus more on how risks were involved in this horrific event and not what the event was about in history.

Since the unit focuses on the risks taken by individuals because of societal influences, I wanted students to indulge in activities that allowed them to focus on some bigger themes discussed in an earlier lesson where risk takers at times


Make scarifies

Prefer to live or die

Do things out of the ordinary or differently


I chose for students to read this poem so that they could challenge the impact the title and details had on their understanding of the poem. Out of all of the students that was taught this lesson, only two revealed the lack of understanding they had with the literary elements of the poem and the assigned tasks while analyzing the poem. Listen to my teacher reflection of Keep Forgetting Poem on how this discovery from students plays on the use of how students at times just go through learning tasks and other times read with a critical eye to interpret the underlining meanings about war from the poet.

  Student Led Inquiry: Poem Reading Reflection
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Introduction to World War II: Using Digital Mediums to Compare Understandings About War

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: SWBAT explain the impact of World War II through mediums of poetry and video clips.

Big Idea: All Aboard! You can watch it or read all about it!

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