Reflection: High Expectations Learning About Subheadings and Bold Words - Section 3: Independent Practice


If you expect your students to perform, many times they will rise to the occasion.  You may have to support and scaffold along the way to help students, as you can see from the video: Bold Words ELL and Strugglers.mp4.  Both the students in this video did a great job; however, I was impressed with my little struggler, who knew to go and look for evidence in the story.  Awesome!

  High Expectations: What About My ELL and Struggling Readers
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Learning About Subheadings and Bold Words

Unit 15: Nonfiction Text Features
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use subheadings to find the main idea and SWBAT use context clues to determine the meaning of bold words in the text.

Big Idea: Say good bye to all the pre-teaching and front-loading. Students will use several strategies to learn the meaning of new words they encounter in text.

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English / Language Arts, context clues, Reading Strategies, Nonfiction Text Features
  45 minutes
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