Reflection: Station Rotation Determining Opinions About Risk Takers Through Photos and Quotes - Section 6: Station Four: Risks Conclusions


This lesson was very FUN to teach! I enjoy starting a unit where students develop understandings from their experiences with different hands-on activities. The function of each station was to develop students' understandings on what motivates or influences individuals to take risks. Watch my teacher talk about risk taking station set-up clip to see how each station was set-up in my classroom for this lesson.

Students moved through each activity with no hesitation. This behavior does stem from past lessons where students have worked with similar activities and stations. Success with a lesson such as this does take discipline and verbal expectations from the teacher. The only activity that I wish I could have devoted more time to was station one. Because of time, students could only pick three of the quotes to complete the three-way-tie. It would have been interesting to hear how students could have linked 6 or more quotes to the big themes of what's involved in taking risks.

  Station Rotation: Station Reflection
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Determining Opinions About Risk Takers Through Photos and Quotes

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT explain how authors use quotes and videos to convey the themes of taking risks.

Big Idea: Will you Risk ALL of NOTHING? That is the question!

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