Reflection: Continuous Assessment Character Traits: Right Side Interactive Notebook Activity - Section 1: Another Day- Another Try!!


One thing that can be said for teachers today is that we have become number crunchers along with all the other hats we wear.  For every new standard, I give a pretest, short cycle assessments and a post test along with many forms of formative assessments along the way. Where in the "olden days", we may move along when we wanted to, now we look to the data to decide what to do.  We have to use those assessments in between in order to judge our students' readiness to do so and if they're not ready- one or all- we have interventions or reteaching to fill in the gaps.  That is what happened with this lesson.  I was ready to move on to the analyzing characters in the text, but the kiddos weren't so..... another day- another try!! 

  Reflection: Data Rules
  Continuous Assessment: Reflection: Data Rules
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Character Traits: Right Side Interactive Notebook Activity

Unit 13: Let It Snow!! Analyzing Snowflake Bentley
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify character traits within themselves and the evidence to prove it.

Big Idea: Identifying character traits within yourself leads to understanding character traits in others.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Poetry, character traits, foldable, Interactive Student Notebook
  55 minutes
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