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The children were disappointed at first about not getting to chose whom they were writing. There are certain students that really struggle with friendships and feeling left out.  When the children get ready to draw photos from the bag, I remove the pictures of the children that are in their small groups.  This way, the children have a greater chance of writing to someone they do not know as well, and perhaps, use this letter to build new friendships.  The letter also builds better home-school connections, because the parents get the opportunity to see how their child is received by one of his/her classmates.   I try to encourage the children to practice reading their letters and then bring them back to school to read them to their friends.  They can also use their rotation at the Writing Station to write a response.

  Thinking about Letter Writing
  Station Rotation: Thinking about Letter Writing
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Fan Mail

Unit 5: Kids and Ezra Jack Keats
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Objective: SWBAT practice writing a friendly letter in correct form. Student Objective: I can write a letter to one of my classmates.

Big Idea: Writing with a purpose helps students strengthen their communication skills.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, opinion, letter
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