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Although this lesson was focused on the relationship of multiplication and division, I spent some time with this student talking about his addition strategies.  I have found that it is imperative to check in with students on all they have learned all along the way.  To keep them talking about each part of their thinking and not just the objective of the lesson is critical in my assessment of their deep understanding.  

All too often we teachers move on to new learning and assume past learning is done and cemented. Not so.  Listen to this student work to explain his addition strategy. 

  Always find time to review
  Continuous Assessment: Always find time to review
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Sharing Maybe?

Unit 4: Understanding Division
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to solve a multi-step word problem using division, multiplication, and addition.

Big Idea: Students will love celebrating the learning of division, while working on a multiple step problem about sharing cookies.

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Math, Celebrating Success, division, multiplication, multi, Addition Strategies, joy, conferring, checks for understanding, assessment, multiple operations
  35 minutes
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