Reflection: Student Grouping Sight Words with Bounce - Section 2: Procedure


The first time the children play this game, they do it while they are working with me.  Since I am aware of the levels of the students in each of the groups, I have pre-written on color-coded stickers the leveled sight words. As each group changes, I can just place the new stickers over the old stickers.  This is easier for me than trying to store a separate carton for each of my seven groups.  I have the children write the missed words so that they can get the practice they need.  Having them write out the words themselves adds one more learning style to the lesson. They are using their visual, auditory, kinesthetic and fine motor skills.

The girls in the video decided that they wanted to write down all of the words that they landed on.  This was a great way to practice spelling as well.

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  Student Grouping: Differentiating the Lesson
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Sight Words with Bounce

Unit 11: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact!
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Objective: SWBAT practice reading basic sight words while playing a game. Student Objective: I can bounce a ping-pong ball into an egg carton and read the word at the bottom.

Big Idea: Providing varied ways of learning sight words keeps students motivated to practice. The challenge is in the bounce!

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