Reflection: Trust and Respect Focus On Biography: Share What You Know (Day 4 of 5) - Section 4: Speak and Teach; Listen and Learn


This was the first time my students participated in a presentation to their classmates. It was really powerful to watch. The questions the audience asked were surprisingly deep and some were very specific. When the Cesar Chavez group presented, they said the grape pickers got sick from picking the grapes. One student zeroed in on that, wanting to know how grapes made people sick. The group was able to explain that the pesticides on the grapes and being sprayed while they were picking was what made the workers sick. The class had a few moments of discussion about organic vs. non organic produce. It was a rich discussion. 

I did jot down a few "researchable" questions that were asked of the presenters. Using those questions as a springboard will be a natural seque into how to do research on a topic. Pesticides and organic farming could be a research topic! 

If I had this lesson to do again, I would spend a little time on presentation skills - standing still, taking turns answering. Possibly parking the speakers in chairs would cut down on the wiggles. SL2.1a addresses agreed upon rules for discussion, and how to present effectively and answer audience questions certainly fits into the intent of that standard! 

  Share What You Know - and What You Don't!
  Trust and Respect: Share What You Know - and What You Don't!
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Focus On Biography: Share What You Know (Day 4 of 5)

Unit 1: Focus on Biography
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT introduce a historical figure to the class and state their opinion about why that person was important.

Big Idea: Teaching others deepens personal understanding; answering questions solidifies learning.

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