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I have several students who were not ready to play this game.  They are still struggling with identifying numbers and counting up to 10.  For these students I used different number cards.  The cards I used for them only go up to 5 and have dots on them along with a numeral.  I originally put these students together, but they were struggling to play the game since both of them had trouble recognizing the numbers, counting and comparing.  I ended up switching partners for these students after a few minutes.  I decided to partner them each with an average level student who could help keep the game going but wouldn't get frustrated with playing at a slower pace. 

I chose students who I knew would be supportive and helpful as these students learned to play the game.  This made game play go a lot smoother.  The only problem with this "solution" was that it generates a new problem. The students I pulled to partner up with my struggling students were now only playing the game with 0 to 5.  I decided to do one more switch before we stopped playing so that all of the students who were ready got some time to play the game with the 0 to 10 cards.  

  Students with Disabilities: Differentiating the Game
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Comparing Numbers to 10 Review

Unit 3: Numbers to 10
Lesson 14 of 19

Objective: Students will be able to compare groups and numerals of 10 or fewer.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students are using their new knowledge of the numbers 10 to make comparisons. Students will play a game to practice making these comparisons.

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comparing numbers to 10 game
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