Reflection: Adjustments to Practice 1st day of school - Section 2: Looking at the practices


As I was talking about the strategies while using the power point, I could see that students were drifting off.  This was the first "real day" of learning and I'm sure their minds were swimming.  So to appropriately engage them, I used a turn and talk to make them interact with the practices more.  Students are sitting in groups of 4.  In each group, I have their desks labeled with a green, blue, red and yellow dot.  In each dot is an "A" and a "B".  A's and B's sit next to and across from each other.  I call them their face partners and shoulder partners.  After discussing two practices, I would have them talk to one of their partners.  I would say something like this: "A's tell your shoulder parnter about MP1". A's would then explain to their shoulder partner (B's) everything they know about MP1.  Then I would say "B's, say one more thing about MP 1 that your partner forgot to say". This way, both partners are responsible for saying something about MP 1.  I prompted B's to say " you could have also said..."  Then we would do another practice and B's would start to talk while A's were listening.  

This helped them to stay focused on the practices as they are a very important part of their learning this year. 


I only got through 5 of the practices, so I did the next 3 the following day. 



  Explaining the strategies
  Adjustments to Practice: Explaining the strategies
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1st day of school

Unit 1: First week of school
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT apply the mathematical practices to solve a problem.

Big Idea: In this lesson, I’m introducing students to the vocabulary and the practices. They will be looking at problems that support the practices and then trying out a problem to use the practices.

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Math, Integers, Operations , mathematical practices, Number Sense
  85 minutes
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