Reflection: Standards Alignment Elf Hunt Number Review - Section 2: Independent Practice


It takes a lot of work to make something for Teachers Pay Teachers, I am sure.  To be honest, I have never made anything for TpT.  I am incredibly grateful for all of the very talented teachers who share their work and ideas with all of us… especially those generous, wonderful people who share their work for free.  This fantastic free download “made” our afternoon, and we got fun number writing practice.

If I could change anything for next year, I might add a blank 10-frame, just because I am such a Common Core geek.  The standard calls for students to write numbers with a quantity, so if we wrote a “1”, for instance, by Elf #1, and then drew 1 dot on a 10-frame, it would show that relationship between the number and the quantity. 

It’s not a huge deal at all, though, and the students were moving and working collaboratively and getting meaningful feedback on number formation from their buddies, so there are certainly plenty of benefits as written.  Again, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate Teachers Pay Teachers and wonderful, fun, free activities.  We all benefit from the generosity of our colleagues!

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Elf Hunt Number Review

Unit 13: 0-10 Number Review
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT locate numbered elf pictures hidden around the classroom and record numbers.

Big Idea: We love our Elf on the Shelf, and this fun lesson taps into that excitement to help students with number recognition and review.

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Math, modeling, Numbers, counting
  35 minutes
buddies working side by
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