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My students are taught that they come to the reading table and begin rereading the section from their homework immediately/ or a passage I have chosen for them that is on the table. They continue to read and reread the section until the running record is completed. I do this for many reasons:

First of all I want the time to conduct a running record on one of my students as they read the assigned pages and need everyone to be occupied. While this is not necessarily a cold read, it is a way to gauge the areas of difficulty, oral fluency, and expression used while reading.

I also use this to reactivate everyone's knowledge of the chapter information so that we can have better supported discussions and debates.

I set a goal for each student and share it with them when it is their time to read - the others review their goals before they read and then work independently on improving them (pacing, fluency, expressions, omitting, rereading, questioning, etc.) In this way each student had a differentiated plan and can improve what he/she needs to become better readers. We evaluate after the reading (about 100 words) whether or not the goal was met and what evidence they have to support it. I give a positive comment and a focus point for learning and we set a new/revised goal.

Before I have them close the book I ask this student 1-3 comprehension questions tom determine if he/she is creating meaning while he/she is reading.

I log this information on the running record sheet and use it to determine my leveled groups and areas of need with questioning. As soon as I am finished I signal all to stop and now I have them all on the same page - quick and purposeful! 

  Routines and Procedures: Using Running Records
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Mood Changes Through Words and Pictures

Unit 11: Guided Reading - Developing BIG Understanding in a Small Group Format
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT...identify and explain how the author's point of view influences how events are described and the mood is developed in the story "How Many Days to America"

Big Idea: The colors, words and actions that authors use can all effect the mood of a story. We can "feel" a story when we read deeply and "see" the emotions.

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English / Language Arts, guided reading, evidence, discussions, questioning strategy
  35 minutes
how many days to america
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