Reflection: Pacing Spin, Build, and Compare! Partner Practice - Section 2: Independent Practice


My enthusiasm got the best of me today.  I can be a bit of a big kid sometimes, and we were all so excited to spin and build and do those fun things that kindergartners love…  Well, I forgot that my class this year needs a gazillion hours of guided practice.  Every time I try to cut my part short and let the kiddos “do their thing,” without too much me up front driving the proverbial math lesson “bus,” well, the bus ends up crashing (or at least getting a flat tire!)  I am sort of the opposite of the pigeon in the Mo Willem’s book:  I really want to hop out of the driver’s seat!  It’s not that I don’t absolutely love teaching—I just love to slide into that facilitator role, circulating around, checking student learning, asking questions, and focusing on the kiddos and individual learning.  The students are the stars of their learning, and I love to be their behind-the-scenes helper.

Bottom line, and this is something that other teachers may be grappling with as well, I believe in the saying, “If they don’t learn the way you teach; teach the way they learn.”  This particular group needs extra guided practice time.  It needs to feel like we are over-learning… pretty much every time a new concept or new activity is introduced.  I can’t let my enthusiasm get the best of me so that I forget this very important feature of this year’s class.  It’s not about me, I know.  It’s about getting the students what they need to be successful. 

  Whoa, Nelly! When slowing down is essential...
  Pacing: Whoa, Nelly! When slowing down is essential...
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Spin, Build, and Compare! Partner Practice

Unit 5: Comparing Numbers
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT work with a partner to spin a number, build it with cubes, write it, and compare it to their partner's number.

Big Idea: This activity combines the fun of spinners and building cube towers with writing and comparing numbers.

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