Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Violence & Video Games, The Debate - Section 4: Students Find Their Corner and Plan Debate


I like when students choose their own side of the argument, rather than me assigning them a side that they must defend. However, I'm sure you can imagine some potential issues. Some groups can become very large, very quickly. You can break down groups, but reminding kids that there is a "Strongly" category to both agree and disagree... which may shrink a giant group.

In this chaotic, small group, classroom video you can hear a girl yelling, "Lizzie has the magic glue stick," which was clearly a strategy one or two students were trying to implement during their pre-debate meeting. Some classes need strategies like this during their planning sessions. This group happened to be a pretty large sub group, and the "talking stick" approach could have been very effective if I had supported it more from the start.


  Adjustments to Practice: Chaos Ensues
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Violence & Video Games, The Debate

Unit 3: Pick a Side! Prove Your Point!
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT take a side on this issue and orally argue their point.

Big Idea: What makes great argument writing? Part of it is having an opinion and finding your voice. This is done through oral argument.

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feel free to strongly disagree
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