Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Sailing into Good Writing with the Gingerbread Pirates - Section 3: Assessment


This is a great lesson to have a second person in the room.  The children have so many questions about their writing that it is a relief to have a parent volunteer, parapro or older student in the class helping to "shorten your line".  Although many children have been somewhere else other than their hometown, there is no reason why the children cannot write about what they know best.  I did not think about this when I wrote the lesson, but one child came up to me and said they had not been "anywhere".  I told him that he could write about his home and the adventures that Captain Cookie might have at the child's house, or he could write about a place he would like to visit--like I did on my example postcard.  I explained that I have not been to Paris, but I would like to go someday and see the Eiffel Tower, so I wrote about that.  Make sure to explain this idea to your volunteer as well, so that they are not accidentally making a child feel bad about their personal experiences.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: "I've Never Been Anywhere."
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Sailing into Good Writing with the Gingerbread Pirates

Unit 8: A Dozen Gingerbread Treats
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT extend a story by writing a postcard about further adventures. Student Objective: I can imagine and write a postcard about the Gingerbread Pirates other adventures.

Big Idea: Extending a story can build comprehension. There are different was to write out our thoughts.

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