Reflection: Student Feedback Peer Review of Arguments: Two Stars and a Wish Plus - Section 1: Peer Review of Arguments


I was particularly pleased that the students were being critical of each other’s work today, noting places where the argument wasn’t clear, and using the theme/rheme analysis in their language.  In looking through their drafts, they generally seem thoughtful and cohesive, which is exciting to see--they are certainly growing as writers!

Attached here are a few samples of their drafts from today pop argument drafts - flattened - 1.pdf--at this point they seem to be more focused regarding taking a specific position, which I'm happy with, since it was a point of emphasis to establish a clear position.  The second sample shows some strong revision regarding using theme to build argument.

  Student Feedback: Thoughtful Student Feedback
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Peer Review of Arguments: Two Stars and a Wish Plus

Unit 9: Writing Arguments
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use a theme/rheme analysis and their understanding of rhetorical appeals to provide feedback to their peers.

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