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While there is much debate around this topic, I wanted to simply give my opinion and what I do in my classroom regarding number reversals.  On this test students need to write several numbers.  I have some students who are using reversals.  I do not mark answers incorrect if the number is backwards.  For example: If a student writes the numeral 3 backwards, but it looks like a 3 and the student counted 3 objects, I mark this answer correct.  When I see this on classroom assignments, I tell students that the number is backwards and help them correct it.  On the test, I do not have the students change it.  I make note that they are using reversals and mark it correct.  I do however mark the number 10 incorrect if it is written 01.  Reversing the order of the numbers becomes an issue as we move into numbers above 10 since the placement of the numerals changes what number is.

  Number Reversals
  Number Reversals
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What Have We Learned? - Assessing Numbers to 10

Unit 3: Numbers to 10
Lesson 18 of 19

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of numbers to ten.

Big Idea: After completing a unit on numbers to 10, a summative assessment is given to gain information about what the students have learned.

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