Reflection: Modeling Genre Moves: Organizing an Argument - Section 4: Writing Argument Draft


I think I am doing a better job of explaining genre structures to the students so they get away from their fall-back model of the literary analysis essay they have done repeatedly in English classes up to this point.  The moment that seemed to help them turn a corner was talking about their Virginia Woolf essay practice of a few weeks ago and noting that most of them would have scored low because they didn't address the prompt well--they analyzed the quote and Woolf essay rather than explaining their own position.  This is the second time I've done a practice essay early and used it as a formative assessment to guide teaching, and it has helped tremendously--both guiding me, but also providing some concrete motivation for students to focus on the models and genre moves of the lesson, in part by providing models of their own work to put up against the benchmark models (that I'm using from the book for now, though after teaching this content, I will begin collecting student models for future classes for more authenticity).  Of course, the proof will be in the final products!!!

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Genre Moves: Organizing an Argument

Unit 9: Writing Arguments
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT decode an argument writing prompt and organize their response through study of a model text.

Big Idea: When writing arguments based on prompts, it is important to enter the conversation with a unique viewpoint rather than summarize the topic of the prompt.

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