Reflection: Checks for Understanding Rhetorical Analysis Review Day 2: Planning to Presentation - Section 4: Rhetorical Analysis Group Presentations


We covered one of the three pieces today, with the first group addressing the essay “Television Makes You Smarter.”  I was pleased with their discussion of how the author used graphs to show data scientifically regarding how plots and central ideas are constructed in television shows.  However, they explained this as an appeal regarding credibility only, rather than noting that it also provides a logical appeal, which is important when writing arguments about pop-culture, by nature an emotionally charged topic.  I noted this briefly at the end, but decided to wait until all three presentations were done to see if this is a common issue.   I also decided to wait until all three were done to discuss how students connected their peers (and their own) work to the rubric.  Because of the time constraints of the week, I’ve decided to not “grade” these based on the rubric because the students simply didn’t have enough time, and I wasn’t able to provide feedback before they completed the final product; while I am hearing more specific focus on the construction of language and appeals, which is good, translating that to a strong, organized presentation would take a couple more steps that we don’t have time for right now.  However, we will have the discussion tomorrow after presentations are over to emphasize expectations in rhetorical analysis and as feedback for when we do this type of assignment again.

  Some Improvements and a Red Flag
  Checks for Understanding: Some Improvements and a Red Flag
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Rhetorical Analysis Review Day 2: Planning to Presentation

Unit 8: Thematic Unit: Popular Culture
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Objective: SWBAT explain the rhetorical strategies used by a writer through a group presentation.

Big Idea: Having to explain an idea to others verbally can help deepen our understanding of concepts.

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tv makes you smarter
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