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I once taught a course in independent reading -- that is students read what they chose to read and "journaled" about it.  But, I always felt that independent reading while important was too isolating -- that is students read and journaled and the only dialogue they had was with me in the form of our written remarks.

Then, one day it dawned on me, I remembered one of the best sources for "new reads" is fellow readers.  (In fact, the tremendously successful book blog is built on this exact idea.)  So ... when it came time to think about using choice reading in this course, it only made sense to provide an opportunity to students to reflect on their own reading aloud to one another for the express purpose of recommending (or not) a book that they had read.

Also, on a practical level, our LRC has multiple copies of the "big four" from summer reading, so I've never had a situation where so many students wanted one book such that the copies ran out for check out.

Asking students to recommend books to one another as part of their class work has lead to greater interest in reading on the part of some students who can "trust" a peer-review more than a teacher review.  I'm in!  It gets them reading ...

  reflection regarding the need for this section - the reporting out
  Lesson Planning: reflection regarding the need for this section - the reporting out
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Revisiting Our Summer Reading Requirement (As a Prelude)

Unit 5: Writing a Review
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT review their required and "choice" summer reading in order to set the context of book-reviewing.

Big Idea: Student accountability for "summer reading" is crucial to the success of your program

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