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Going in to the 100th Day, knowing that we had limited help, I had to choose activities carefully.  Normally, I call in the troops and get as many helpers as possible all set to help us celebrate this monumental day in K.  This wasn’t an option this year, so I selected 3 activities very carefully.

I wanted activities that were hands-on and meaningful.  The necklace activity takes a long time—prior preparation to at least streamline the yarn is helpful.  Sneaking in AB pattern building was an added bonus, as it’s not usually a focus of my Common Core lessons.  (I do include patterns in our daily calendar activities every morning, though!)  Finally, the kids get so much pride from wearing their necklaces.

Similarly, the 100th day crowns are wear-able math, which kindergartners absolutely love.  I stress that students can either count each individual dot on the crowns or they can count 10 sets of 10, stressing the Common Core standard, but also making this lesson accessible for all learners.  At this point in the school year, a growing number of kiddos can count to 100, but counting sets of 10 makes the lesson accessible for even the most academically challenged students.  (Thankfully, all students can count to 10, even students with IEPs!)

The snack not only brings in the whole “party” feel—somehow the addition of food can make anything feel a little more festive—but having food that again requires counting groups of 10 just sort of “hits it on home.” 

I hate the idea of a wasted lesson, or an activity that seems to crash and burn, but they happen!  I was grateful that the carefully selected activities today were successful.  Other 100th Days may have had more activities, but the work we enjoyed today got us the counting practice we need and that feeling of celebration.  After all, 100 is something to celebrate!

  Carefully selecting activities
  High Quality Task: Carefully selecting activities
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Hooray! for the 100th Day!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
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Objective: SWBAT count to 100 by ones &/or 10s while making necklaces, crowns, and snacks.

Big Idea: The 100th day of school is HUGE in kindergarten. We celebrate the 100th day with hands-on activities that allow students to count to 100 by ones &/or 10s.

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hooray for the 100th day
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