Reflection: Real World Applications Searching for Sea Stars (A Real World Place Value Lesson) - Section 3: Guided Database Search


I made a mistake when I taught this lesson and upon reflection I think there was a positive side to this.  I handled it in an open way, was honest about admitting the step I’d skipped, and engaged in an ongoing conversation with the children about how this mistake changed how we were able to interpret the visual data. 

  Real World Applications: Teacher Mistakes Can Be Meaningful
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Searching for Sea Stars (A Real World Place Value Lesson)

Unit 8: Place Value Practice
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT locate, record and interpret information from a scientific database and record that data on a graph after rounding to the nearest ten.

Big Idea: This interesting lesson reinforces the basic skill of rounding to the closest ten while also giving students practice making a double bar graph.

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Math, rounding, addition, subtraction, word problems, 3rd Grade, using a database
  60 minutes
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