Reflection: Positive Reinforcement The Crayon Box That Talked - Section 1: Warm Up


I like this story because it talks about a real problem we have at school.  Things are said and feelings get hurt.  It is hard to take back things that are said.  My expected result from reading the book was that they understand how important we are to each other and the whole class.  Just like the crayons we need each other no matter how annoying we can be.  We all can do and say nice things.  If the students colored a detailed picture using all the colors, then I believe they understood the meaning of the story.  The CCSS are set up to help the students express themselves orally and written.  As teachers we have to set up standards so that we respect ourselves and each other.  We all have value.  We all learn better with each other's help.

  We are like a box of crayons
  Positive Reinforcement: We are like a box of crayons
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The Crayon Box That Talked

Unit 13: Let's Read and Write
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT draw a picture in response to listening to the story.

Big Idea: Everyone is important just like all the colors in the box of crayons! Let's color a picture using all the colors in our box.

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English / Language Arts, narrative, listening, storytelling
  50 minutes
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