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After doing this lesson and having the kids complete the independent work, I wish I had hand drawn some objects on poster paper and demonstrated how to count and draw a line from the groups of objects to the corresponding numbers in the middle. A few of my students struggled with the idea of drawing a line from groups of objects to the corresponding number in the middle of the page.

They also struggled with the layout of two columns of groups and only one column of numbers. Some of my younger students didn't understand drawing a line from the groups on the left to the numbers on the right and then switching to groups on the right and numbers on the left. A few asked me what happened to the other column of numbers because they assumed that if there was two columns of groups then their should be two columns of numbers.

  Adjustments to Practice: Expectations
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ABCya Fish Count!

Unit 6: Count & Compare
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to count objects one to one by giving each object a number in consecutive order.

Big Idea: This lesson is a basic counting review lesson. The fish on the website will appear in an array, a circle, or a line. The kids have to decide for themselves what strategy they will use to count the objects accurately.

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