Reflection: Students with Disabilities Acting Out - Section 2: Independent Practice


I usually teach the standards through leveled text for my students. Regardless of reading level, all students are learning and applying the skill through text. I wanted all students to read this particular book because it is complex and lends itself to close reads. That meant I had to accommodate my special needs student. This text comes on CD, so I had him listen to it as he read along in the book. He is able to stop and rewind as much as he needs. This also eases any frustration he has with trying to keep up with the rest of the class if he had to read on his own. Listening on CD allows him to keep up with the class, participate in group discussions, and know the context when students are assigning a character trait because he has heard the story. 

  Students with Disabilities: Reaching All Learners
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Acting Out

Unit 2: Sarah, Plain and Tall
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine a character's traits by analyzing their actions.

Big Idea: Students continue building a case file as they utilize a character's actions to determine their traits.

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