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Using the notes template was a great way to connect the students prior knowledge to what we were doing in class today.  They were familiar with the words and brought a lot of background knowledge to the lesson. 

The students enjoyed taking notes and using the template to take their notes.  A lot of students were commenting on the visuals and how they have used them to create pieces of writing in the past.  This was great news for me since we will be writing in the text structures very soon. 

Overall, the notes worked well.  They were a little more time consuming than I had hoped, but well worth it in the end. 

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Student Notes
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Text Structure

Unit 6: Unit 4 Text Structure
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to define the structures that create text using graphic organizers and their interactive spirals.

Big Idea: Students become the architects of text! Can they find the design that works the best?

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English / Language Arts, structure (Composition Basics), cause and effect, chronological order, problem and solution
  64 minutes
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