Reflection: Students with Disabilities Using a Graphic Organizer to Calculate Sales Tax - Section 2: Opener


My students truly appreciated the step by step organization the graphic organizer gave them.  They were able to use the graphic organizer to help them move easily through the process in solving for discounts.  Some of my students are pulling out the organizer on their own and showing me they can draw upon MP 5.  This was a WOO HOO moment.  Students With Disabilities will appreciate graphic organizers as well.  Most of my SWD students need to have the process scaffold and this organizer helps in a big way.  Students appreciate being able to use the graphic organizer to find their mistakes and correct them with little to no help from me.  We are building our independence.  Woo HOO! 

  Graphic Organizers are life savers!
  Students with Disabilities: Graphic Organizers are life savers!
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Using a Graphic Organizer to Calculate Sales Tax

Unit 3: Proportional Reasoning with Percents
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Objective: SWBAT use a graphic organizer to organize their thinking in order to calculate tax applied to items purchased.

Big Idea: Let’s apply our prior understanding of number sense, in order to calculate tax. Did you know just recently Ohio’s Sales Tax has increased! How will that affect you?

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Math, Percentages, Number Sense and Operations, Decimals, proportions, Fractions, discounts, Sales tax, equation, percent, real world
  45 minutes
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