Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Bunny Cakes - Section 3: Writing Activity


 This story led into a fun writing activity.  All my students have had some experience with birthdays and cakes.   Having prior knowledge and experience with the main event made this a fun and easy activity for my ELL students.  The student in my video is very shy on camera and had to be prompted, a lot.  Off camera he said it perfectly.  All my students want to make a movie for me.  His performance was not perfect, but it shows he is trying and his drawing showed he understood the story and the task.  I try to give my students multiple opportunities to orally explain their work.  This is an important ELA skill.

I found this color page on line that goes with the story.  It can be used for younger students or for review in the weekly homework.

Here is the birthday cake color page.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: My favorite ....
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Bunny Cakes

Unit 4: Let's Read and Write About Food
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write an opinion sentence after listening to the story "Bunny Cakes".

Big Idea: We all love Birthday cakes. What cake will you choose? Max's dirt and worm cake or like Ruby's angel surprise cake?

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