Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Comparing Rates - Section 3: Athlete of the Week Introduction + Group Work Time


Once students had completed the athlete of the week graph, I brought them back together.  I asked them if they were to just look at the graph, what could they see?  Students talked with their group members and then shared out.  One student shared, “She is faster because he covered a larger distance in the same amount of time.”  Another student shared, “The steeper the line, the faster they go.”  I was excited that students were able to vocalize the patterns that they were seeing after working with the graphs of time and distance.  At the end of the day, I created a small poster called “Rate Wisdom” and wrote these student ideas down.  I plan to add more insightful student observations as we continue working with rates.  

  Interpreting A Graph
  Discourse and Questioning: Interpreting A Graph
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Comparing Rates

Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning: Ratios and Rates
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Objective: SWBAT: • Use information to create a rate table or a line graph • Use tables and graphs to compare rates

Big Idea: What was Diane’s speed for each segment of her triathlon? Students use line graphs and tables to compare rates.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, proportions, Fractions, speed, 6th grade, master teacher project, comparing rates, rate
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