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I am known as a seating chart ninja.  I am able to put kids in optimal seats for their learning pretty easily.  I look for things like who they are grouped with, balancing numbers of boys and girls in a group, balancing introverts and extroverts in a group, and making sure they can't make eye contact with people across the room who might be distracting.

All of that aside, I still find myself making adjustments to seating charts.  Inevitably, someone's schedule will change and/or I lose kids to different schools.  Sometimes, there's a personality conflict within a group that I didn't anticipate.

I try not to move kids out of groups unless there is a real problem.  I have had students in during lunch to do a conflict resolution discussion to see if we can keep a group together.

Because these groups are meant to be family-like, I encourage you to seat students wisely and then not move them unless there are conflicts that can't be resolved.

  Reflections from a Seating Chart Ninja
  Student Grouping: Reflections from a Seating Chart Ninja
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Collaborative Poetry

Unit 2: From Class to Community
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Objective: SWBAT engage effectively in collaborative discussion by writing a group poem and choosing a group name.

Big Idea: What's in a name? Taking the time to name our collaborative groups.

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