Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Better Deal Stations - Section 4: Closure and Ticket to Go


During the Closure, I called on students with different strategies with the Gatorade problem.  One student shared how he found the Cost For 160oz of Gatorade by multiplying 32 oz/$1.50 by 5/5.  Another student created equivalent rates for the Cost For 8oz of Gatorade.  These methods showed that the 20z bottles of Gatorade were only the slightest bit cheaper.  Another student found the Cost Per Ounce, which showed that the cost per ounce was 5 cents for each deal.   Another student brought up the point that you also have to think about how you are going to use the Gatorade.  Would it be better to have small bottles or one large bottle?  It was great to have students use their rate knowledge to compare the deals and think about what they would buy.


  Problem-based Approaches: Different Strategies for the Gatorade Deal
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Better Deal Stations

Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning: Ratios and Rates
Lesson 16 of 21

Objective: SWBAT: • Use multiplication and division to solve problems involving equivalent rates. • Apply different strategies for explaining comparisons between quantities.

Big Idea: What is the better deal? How do you know? How do stores try to trick you? Students work in groups to determine the better deal.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, proportions, Fractions, 6th grade, comparing rates, master teacher project, rate
  50 minutes
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