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As luck would have it, it was very cold the day I taught this lesson and I could not take students outside.  In our cafeteria, I used painter’s tape to mark off 5 different lengths of 20 feet.  Students had to walk/sprint down to the end and back in order to travel 40 feet.  I did not have enough timers, so instead I had the homeroom teachers collect students’ phones at the beginning of the day.  The teachers brought me the phones, along with a note of names, after our morning homeroom time.  I kept the phones locked up until we needed them.  I went over expectations about using their phones and students were responsible with them.    When we were done timing, I collected the phones and kept them until afternoon homeroom.  

  Setting Up and Collecting Data
  Classroom Setup: Setting Up and Collecting Data
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Heart Rate

Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning: Ratios and Rates
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Objective: SWBAT: • Define active heart rate and resting heart rate • Calculate their own active and resting heart rate • Use multiplication and division to calculate rates

Big Idea: What is your resting rate? What is your active heart rate? How can you improve your heart rate? Students calculate these rates and use multiplication and division to answer rate questions.

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Math, Measurement, Number Sense and Operations, proportions, Fractions, 6th grade, master teacher project, rate, heart rates, Brain Pop
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