Reflection: Checks for Understanding CLOSE Reading: Textbook Style - Section 4: Questions and Discussion


To close, I give them time to add or rewrite their response. I ask that when they turn it in that they attach their sticky note to it as well. I want to read their responses and check for understanding. I also want to see what their notes look like on the stocky note. I am looking to see if they connected what they wrote on them to their response. 

  Checks for Understanding: Assessment Opportunity
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CLOSE Reading: Textbook Style

Unit 22: CLOSE Readings
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT read closely an excerpt from their textbook and annotate for understanding.

Big Idea: Textbooks are a great place for CLOSE reading passages. These passages are harder to read, but students need to practice their CLOSE reading strategies to help with understanding.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), textbook, discussions, Text Evidence, close reading, text embedded questions
  29 minutes
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