Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Opposing Boxes and Bullets - Section 3: Independent Practice


This was a complex task for some students and other students took this lesson and ran with it! All students were able to complete the boxes and bullets and only about half got to drafting their evidence (the brackets). Since the objective was for students to show comprehension of counter argument, I was glad that all students were able to complete the boxes and bullets. When I had small groups of students ready to add their evidence, I pulled a small group and reviewed evidence with them. 

  Adjusting for a Complex Task
  Diverse Entry Points: Adjusting for a Complex Task
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Opposing Boxes and Bullets

Unit 8: Using Mentor Texts, Generating Ideas, and Planning for Drafting of Persuasive Essays
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT independently produce clear and coherent writing by organizing their claim and reasons as well as organize the claim and reasons of their opposition.

Big Idea: Hmmm...what would someone else think?

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