Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Becky and Bart Count Their Blocks-Base Ten Blocks and Numbers 11-20 - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


During the opening, instruction and guided practice, I guided the students to count the blocks individually because I have several students who need to build the conceptual understanding that a base ten rod is composed of ten blocks.  During the independent practice, I was watching if any students made connections to the previous lesson, Hurry Up! in which the students counted objects in a ten frame.  (The students said, "ten" when the ten-frame was full and counted on from ten.)  As I hoped, there were several students who said ten, for a complete rod and then counted on from that point.  I was so excited to see them make the connection and apply their prior knowledge. I did not encourage the students to do this as it will be covered in the next lesson, but I did not want to discourage them if they were ready to make this conceptual jump.

I have seen this happen more often this year as I have focused on the Common Core than I have ever seen in the past.  Since there are fewer CC standards than our state standards, I am able to go much deeper with the concepts with my students.  The students build a stronger understanding of concepts and they are able to apply them in new and different ways.  We are only halfway through the school year.  I am excited to see where they will go from here!

  Becky and Bart Count Their Blocks-Base Ten Blocks and Numbers 11-20
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Becky and Bart Count Their Blocks-Base Ten Blocks and Numbers 11-20
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Becky and Bart Count Their Blocks-Base Ten Blocks and Numbers 11-20

Unit 4: Working with Numbers 11-20
Lesson 4 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to identify numbers represented by base ten blocks.

Big Idea: Students have been learning how to work with base ten blocks. Now they will identify the numbers the blocks represent.

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Math, Place Value, Critical Area, counting, base 10, Numbers
  50 minutes
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