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This lesson focused on how children with food allergies being bullied is not a laughing matter and the need to raise awareness.  Students learned what is an allergic reaction.  This lesson was an important lesson because it helps students to understand that allergies can be a life threatening and it's not just fun and games when children are taunted and teased.  The lesson was eye-opening to many students because they said they did not realize that people can die from food allergies.

  Raising Awareness
  Problem-based Approaches: Raising Awareness
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A New Kind of Bullying

Unit 13: School Days
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Objective: SWBAT read about and discuss how millions of kids with food allergies in the United States are becoming the target of bullies.

Big Idea: Students will learn that what some kids who bully kids with food allergies think is a harmless prank can actually be life threatening.

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English / Language Arts, School Culture and Climate, Current Events, Writing, Writing Process, children, bullying, school, scholastic news, close read, text, text features, A New Kind of Bullying by Samantha McCann
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