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As you can hear those little film clips, students are having fun. The chatter, the engagement and the progress in understanding where they make their errors is so valuable to progress and mastering the standard. I love it! The game can be used with playing cards too to switch it up. I will bring it back again in future lessons involving multiplication and division because students love it. Even though they have one on one iPads, plenty of aps to practice, there are no aps other than the website IXL Math that support this kind of interaction, critique and communication between students. I hope we never completely abandon this type of learning experience for students!

This game is also great for differentiating and advancing lower level students. I realized as we played, I probably should have used it for intervention earlier in the week!

As we work to master area models, accuracy in calculations, fluency in facts and becoming proficient in understanding the concepts, this all supports later understanding of the standard algorithm. I see this clearly as I am committed to teaching lessons that support critical thinking process. This beautiful opportunity for us to teach mathematics as it should be taught is exciting. I wish it were around when I was a kid! I would have loved math sooner.

  A Great Game to Use to Review
  Joy: A Great Game to Use to Review
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Getting Ready to Quiz: The Greatest Product Game

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
Lesson 5 of 19

Objective: SWBAT explain multiplication using an area model in preparation for a quiz.

Big Idea: Students will formulate a list of what is important to remember for a quiz about area models and also practice these skills once more by playing the Greatest Product Game.

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Math, Place Value, Number Sense and Operations, multiplication, area model
  50 minutes
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