Reflection: Checks for Understanding Proofs about Angles - Section 1: Do Now


At the end of the Do Now, we went over the quiz. I had the students grade their own work and then asked  students to hold up their fingers with the number of questions they got correct.

I did this quick formative check even though I collected sheets to look at the results detail. With the visual check, during the lesson I was able to have a conference with the students who didn't do as well on the quiz about what they needed to better understand the postulates. 

  Proofs about Angles
  Checks for Understanding: Proofs about Angles
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Proofs about Angles

Unit 6: Introduction to Geometric Proofs
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write simple formal proofs involving angle pairs

Big Idea: Students will apply postulates to write two column proofs using vertical angles, complementary angles and supplementary angles.

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Math, Proofs, Geometry, vertical angles, logic
  45 minutes
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