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I anticipated the problems from the assessment that I thought would give my students the most difficulty and for the most part I was correct.  I expected that any problem that said  find exact values would be more difficult because in my experience students learn to find "exact values" following a specific method, then forget it after the test.  I also thought they might struggle with the radical expression in problem #3 because it seems that fractions of any sort scare some students.  I did not anticipate the number of students who would not know how to solve problem #4, nor the difficulties they would have with problem #6.  The other piece I got from this assessment was that I need to emphasize to my students that they need to show and/or explain how they get their answers!  I thought I'd made that clear in my directions, but many students simply wrote the problem then wrote their solution with no intermediate steps as in this student sample.  I guess this is a result of work "not counting" toward a grade in other classes, so I'll have to make sure that my kids understand that "no work" equals "no grade" for me.

  Student Communication: Applications of a summative pre-assessment
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Are They Ready?

Unit 1: First Week!
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate prior mathematical skills and content knowledge through successful completion of a screening test of Algebra l and Geometry materials.

Big Idea: Want to know where your students stand before your first big unit. I use a screening test to tell me AND my students what we're good at and what needs work.

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Math, Classroom Culture and Climate, Algebra, Algebra II, master teacher project
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