Reflection: Real World Applications Tiles and Cubes and Clips, Oh My! - Section 3: Measuring With Non Standard Units


As I said earlier in the lesson, I did introduce the 1/2 fraction notation.  You will find that your students are at a variety of ranges in regards to understanding this concept.  I have included two pieces of student work.  You can see that one student understands the concept and can accurately record it.  Another student understands that it was a 1/2 of tile but still has some confusion on how to record it.  I will take note of who needs to work on this and touch base with them as we work through this unit. 

  Real World Applications: Observing How Students Measure and Record
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Tiles and Cubes and Clips, Oh My!

Unit 8: Non Standard Measuring
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Objective: SWBAT measure lengths using a variety of units. SWBAT measure accurately.

Big Idea: Were off to get the measure, the wonderful measure of side! The students will identify the longest side of an object and measure its length with a variety of non standard units.

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measuring with two different tools at the same time
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