Reflection: Trust and Respect What, Where, When, How - Section 2: Put it into Action


The most interesting part of this lesson for me was the dialogue that went on during the Communication Challenge.  I set this activity up to be primarily about accurate mathematical communication, but it also ended up being a lesson in courtesy and respect.  Some of my students were easily frustrated either by their own inability to communicate or the lack of understanding by their partner.  Even though my students all know each other, they still needed some reminders about how to talk to one another.  Rather than simply chastising those students who were being rude or unkind, I modeled appropriate behavior, praised those who were doing a good job of communicating, and reminded my students that to be successful at this challenge they needed to collaborate.  With one team I had to go a bit further and talk them through a couple of the problems, helping both the speaker and the writer, until they felt more confident.  As I thought about this the evening after the lesson, I realized that this was a good opportunity to help establish the climate of my classroom, which went beyond my original intent, but which I'm very happy about!


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  Trust and Respect: Student communications
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What, Where, When, How

Unit 1: First Week!
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT explain the process of collaboration, and materials for Algebra ll.

Big Idea: Give your students the tools they need to be successful...then just step back and let them work!

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