Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Music Connections to F451 - Section 3: Groups Present


Afterwards, I asked the students to do some writing to explain their song choices.  Here are a few excerpts!  This was a fun and informative activity that helped build student interest in the novel.



We'll walk this road together, through the storm

Whatever weather, cold or warm

 This quote is from the song Not Afraid- By Eminem

In these lyrics he is saying the no matter what the situation is he will be fighting through it with anybody. This relates to F451 because Montag is fighting through the life of firefighters and how they burn books, he is going through the chaos with Faber on his side. He doesn’t care on what and how the situation is, he is going to be fighting through it either way.



Songs can have very strong messages and they relate the everyday things. Some can show messages for feelings, books, shows, wars, and more. In Fahrenheit 451, The main character lives in a world where everything is dehumanized. The main idea of this book is that they can’t read book. The main character is trying to find a way out of it. A perfect song to go with this book is Human by Killers. In this song, its always asking if we are human and that he’s on his hands and knees looking for the answer. This relates to the book because The main character isn’t sure if this is how he should live and he’ll go on his hands and knees to find the answer.




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Music Connections to F451

Unit 6: Literary: Analyzing Figurative Language in Fahrenheit 451
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Objective: SWBAT apply the theme of dehumanization and character insights to popular music by selecting and explaining relevant music links.

Big Idea: The muse of the soul, MUSIC, helps students to bond with their reading. In F451, students make and share connections to thematically-related music!

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