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I noticed that writing a thesis statement was difficult for the statements. It seemed difficult since the requirements required students to think of one on their own and they did not seem to have the initial thinking skills to do that. They were able to say whether or not secession was a good thing but they could think beyond that. Overall they needed more time to write so they can really work through their thinking. By giving them class time to write they can then think about their main idea as a whole and start to work on creating a stronger thesis statement. It's better, at times, to work on body paragraphs first, or least look at the historical documents as a whole. From there students can then work on their thesis statements.

Here I discuss the lesson as a whole: Adjustment To Lesson Reflection

  Conferencing: Adjustment To Lesson Reflection
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Revising and Editing Document Based Question Essays

Unit 4: Document Based Questions Essay
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT understand the tools to revise and edit document based question essays on secession.

Big Idea: Yes, there is a difference between revising and editing. No, it's not the same.

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