Reflection: Pacing Using Transitions - Section 1: Do Now: Transition Review


Students' sleep schedules are off from winter break. Finals are looming. Stress is high, and so is exhaustion. We've hit the mid-year slump.

When January hits (or rather, slumps in with dark circles and a foul attitude), I find it necessary to up the engagement levels of my lessons. One way I do that is by increasing the pace of my lessons where I can, such as review of previous content or skills. By asking students to respond quickly, I put them on their toes, ensuring that they are with me. This creates more energy in the classroom which I can then funnel into other activities for stronger learning.

  Fast Pace Grabs Attention
  Pacing: Fast Pace Grabs Attention
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Using Transitions

Unit 9: Expository Writing
Lesson 9 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to correctly use transitions by revising paragraphs using their transitions categories.

Big Idea: To add? To emphasize? To conclude? Using transitions for a purpose.

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