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Looking at the results from today's test, Two Step Mastery Graph and Two Step Tracker Comparison, overall I am very pleased.  I set mastery for this test at 90% and near mastery at 85%, thus any student below 85% fell in the remedial level.  My third block is my inclusion group, so it is not suprising to me that there was a higher percentage of remedial scores in that class. I am going try and pull those students in during our morning time to reteach equations using Hands On Equations. I feel good that students will be able to move forward now to solving word problems involving one and two step equations.

  Data Analysis: Data Analysis
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One and Two Step Equations Test

Unit 6: Equations
Lesson 10 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to set up and solve one and two step equations.

Big Idea: See the fruits of your labor! This short answer test will allow students to demonstrate their understanding, while the teacher can check for misconceptions!

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Math, Algebra, equation, inverse operations
  60 minutes
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